A W Bell Machinery develop new four axis grinder for large parts.

As foundries produce more complex and larger investment castings, A W Bell Machinery release a new ‘large parts’ four axis grinder to the market.

The new RGS360 from AW Bell Machinery comes with a standard working part envelope of 34” diameter by 20” tall, and has the potential to be customised for even larger castings.


“An increasing number of our customers are producing larger, more complex castings. Realising the benefits of automated pressure assisted grinding, the importance of good process control and need to reducing the manual manipulation of heavy castings, they have come to us to provide an economical solution”, A W Bell Machinery Engineering Manager Rod Egan said. “The RGS360 combines features from all of our current machine line so it promises the effectiveness and quality finish that AW Bell Machinery is recognised for.”

A fully automated system, the new RGS360 machine combines an indexing table with reciprocating motion to selectively linish at pre-programmed positions within the work area. The co-ordinate based setup allows a virtually unlimited number of gates to be linished within one program cycle, all at different heights and positions and in either a plunge, rotary or reciprocating motion. Designed utilizing rapid grinding theory for efficient belt use and optimum grinding, all axis are equipped to withstand the high pressure forces required for fast metal removal. Hydraulic servo control ensures tight tolerances can be kept, while the fully enclosed work table provides operator safety while cycle is in progress.

The hydraulic drive system, fed by a 60HP motor, drives an 8” wide belt on a 10” diameter contact wheel as standard. The contact wheel can also be easily interchanged to allow as small as 2” width belt and down to 2” diameter contact wheel. This allows greater flexibility for different size and hard to reach gating arrangements.

Advanced options include laser measurement to accommodate belt wear and check finish height and offline programming for profiled surfaces.

For more information on the RGS360 grinding system, contact A W Bell Machinery. Contact details and worldwide distributor listings are on-line at www.bellmachinery.com


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